2 Drums plastic pallets

Spill drum plastic pallets mainly used for chemical industry Model number are SDP, S = Spill, D = Drum, P = Pallets , Mainly size include: 1300×1300×300MM, 1300×1300×150MM, 1300×680×300MM, 1300×680×150MM, 680×680×150MM, 1300×1300×900MM...

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2 Drums plastic pallets



Entry Type:4-Way
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Model Number:BJ-SP-1368B
Main Color:Yellow
Type:Euro Pallet
Style:Single Faced
Brand Name:Baojie
Main Size:1300*680*150mm



Product Description



Size:1300x680x150mm Dynamic Load:650Kgs
Unit Weight: 15Kgs Static Load:1300Kgs
Material: Plastic HDPE  Sill Oil Storage:83L of Hold 2 Oil Drums
Colors:Blue,Green,Black,Yellow,Red Applications: Special For Holding of Oil Drums In Case Of Leakage


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